Handmade           Gluten Free




Our Passion is to create healthy and exquisite baked goods, for all occasions, for all people, using the finest grains, flours and ingredients available. Our creations are based on your vibrant lifestyle.

Our treats are delicious and often healthier than alternatives, and come in a wide variety of wonderful flavors. They’re perfect for people with special dietary needs, athletes, people who maintain a healthier diet, and for all those who love quality food and baked goods.

Some of the features we pride ourselves on are:

  • We bake in a dedicated gluten-free kitchen and all of the ingredients we use are certified gluten-free (when applicable).
  • We love and use ancient grains.  We create recipes that enhance the flavor and characteristics of the gluten-free flours and grains we use. 
  • We offer many options that are dairy-free, grain-free/flourless, sugar-free, vegan and/or Paleo-friendly.
  • All of the fruits and vegetables we bake with are seasonal, fresh, local and organic (except for bananas and coconut which are simply organic).
  • We support employee- and family-owned farms, mills and distributors.
  • All of our baked goods are hand made from scratch and do not contain any preservatives, artificial flavors, trans fats or GMO's.